My Story

I am a passionate educator specifically in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching. 

My goal is to support the whole child and family engagement in the areas of self awareness, social awareness, collaboration, insight and critical thinking both inside and outside of the classroom.

I have taught both K-5 Elementary and Special Education across the United States. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Master’s in Educational Leadership also with an administration and english language learner licensure. 

I currently am a Social Emotional Learning coach for eight elementary schools in my district in which I support leaders, staff, students and families in mindfulness, educational neuroscience and SEL curriculum.

Why Emily Dills?


I can meet your individual needs whether it’s a community organization, family or private and/or small group support for kids based on their unique passions and interests. As a parent myself, I understand the challenges that many families face.  I have been an educator for 10+ years in urban, suburban and rural settings in both Special and Elementary Education. I’ve worked with hundreds of kids in my fifteen plus years as an Educator.